President Heidi Schmidt or 917-0823.

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Monthly Meetings 2nd Thursday of the Month

   Bella Vista School Room 10 @ 2:45
Bella Vista Parent Club is here to supplement funds that might not be available otherwise. We do this primarily through fundraising . Plus, other than some community outreach, every penny stays at Bella Vista School to benefit our students and faculty. We support AR Rewards, athletics, educational tools, fieldtrips and Staff appreciation to name a few. Any request submitted will always be considered. The Halloween Carnival is our biggest fundraiser, but we follow up with others during the school year. We also host free events such as our Christmas Family Reading Night and a Christmas workshop! We understand families come in all shapes and sizes and can not always help in the same way. All are welcome to attend meetings but if you can't make it, send us your info. and get on our call list! Whether it's through donations or volunteerism, it all makes a difference!