Bella Vista State Preschool



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BV PreschoolBella Vista School is proud to have a California State Funded Preschool program on our campus sponsored by the Shasta County Department of Education this year and is available to children from three to five years of age. Children in the program will be provided with an enriched environment at an early age to benefit their cognitive, physical, emotional and social development. Increasingly, research shows that quality preschool programs reduce the need for remedial classes and increases school success. During their pre-kindergarten years, children develop characteristics that will affect their lifelong ability to learn. The dual focus of the program is on children and parents. The family has the most influence on a child’s learning potential.
Some of the programs we participate in and use are: Houghton-Mifflin Pre-K, Raising a Reader, Healthy Smiles (toothbrushing and fluoride), Second Step (violence prevention curriculum), and GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science).

Parental participation in classroom activities provides for observation of their child's behavior in a formal learning setting and allows for reinforcement of learning at home. The Part Day Preschool Program provides a full educational curriculum according to the developmental level of the child:
Story Time/ Early Literacy
Conversation Skills
Listening Skills
Creative Art Activities
Play/ Social Skills
Healthy Nutrition & Physical Activity
Music, Dance, Creative Dramatics
Physical Developmental- Fine Motor and Gross Motor
Block Building Manipulative Toys
Science/ Natural Study
Early Math Activities
Visitors from the Community
Field Trips
Exposure to Quality Literature